Privacy Policy (art. 13 of Law no. 196/2003)

According to Art. 13 of D.L. 196 dated 30.6.2003 “Protection of PEOPLE and other subjects in the Treatment of Personal Data”
In accordance with Legislative Decree 196 of 30 June 2003 (Followed Indicated come, “the Law”) we inform you that the data provided by you, will be processed in compliance with the aforementioned law and the privacy obligations for what it Italian Beauty SpA (hereinafter “the Company”). They will be treated with the support of paper means, or telecommunications, are suitable to ensure the security and confidentiality of its treatment:

  • – to send material, advertising and promotion;
  • – to detect the degree of customer satisfaction on the quality of services rendered, do Market Research, for Public Relations;
  • – to Statistical and Scientific data;
  • – to accomplish Every Possible Obligation law.

Data can be communicated, exclusively for the purpose above, to a consulting companies specialized in Market researches, subject to the adoption by these Company of equivalent and security confidentiality criteria.
The law confers the rights expected art. 7. In particular, the interested party may obtain, from the Treatment Confirmation of the existence or otherwise of their Personal Data and what these data are made available to him in an intelligible form. The subject may alsoask to know the origin of the data as well as the logic and the purpose underlying the processing; to obtain the cancellation, transformation in anonymous form or block of data treaties unlawfully as well as updating, rectification or, if there is interest, integration of data; to oppose, for legitimate reasons, the processing same.
The subject can exercise his rights by writing to the Italian Beauty S.p.A. – Villa Zileri 4- 36050 Monteviale (VI) Italy.

Terms of Use
In this document is providing the General Conditions of use in the ownership of Italian Beauty S.p.A. Villa Zileri 4- 36050 Monteviale (VI) Italy – Phone +39 0444 286650 | Fax +39 0444 286 618. site is designed to support browsing of web users with interests in the field of cosmetics, hair care and body. The contents of these pages are subject to continuous assessment, but can still cause errors and / or omissions.
The site is not a journal as it is updated occasionally and without any periodicity. Therefore, it can not be considered in any way an editorial product under Law n. 62 of 07.03.2001.
Everything published on the site, documents and any withdrawable worksheets have been prepared with the utmost care, but the user must check the accuracy and is directly responsible for the use. Italian Beauty S.p.A. (Holder of domain) assumes no responsibility for damage suffered by you or third parties caused by the use of withdrawn products.
Under Article 13 of the law. no.196 / 2003 on the “protection of personal data”, we inform you that personal data requested will be used for statistical purposes, research and to communicate the outcome of any requests made through the website same: serve mainly to address the new services to your needs with the aim of making a website more useful and effective.
This site may contain links (to websites operated by parties other than Italian Beauty. The sites you can link from this site or you can connect to it are not under the control of Italian Beauty S.p.A. and Italian Beauty S.p.A. is not responsible for the content of any of these sites or any link contained in any such sites or any changes and updates to such sites. The material on the website, images, graphics, artwork, music, software and other contents of the site are protected by copyright.
It prohibited any total or partial reproduction of any type of text, image, font, graphics, artwork, music, software and other content on the site. Any total or partial reproduction without written permission will be prosecuted.
Unless expressly provided, you may not copy, modify, upload, download, transmit, publish, display for redistribution to third parties for commercial purposes without the prior written consent to be obtained from Italian Beauty S.p.A.

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